Treating customers fairly

When you lease a car from us, the agreement is called ‘personal contract hire’. This is a regulated financial product with a fixed monthly amount to pay over an agreed number of months. We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to provide personal contract hire to consumers.


The FCA makes sure that we treat consumers in the right way. Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) is one of the most important set of rules set out by the FCA. The rules say that regulated firms have to make sure they work in the interests of their customers. These rules help raise standards of customer service and satisfaction.

You can find out about your rights, how to complain, avoid scams, and what consumer organisations are there to help you through the FCA’s website:

At ZenAuto, we appreciate that our customers have a choice. We have created a culture that cares about customers so that we can provide the best level of satisfaction. We believe that by always keeping these standards high, we can keep our customers, and staff, happy and content.


How do we meet these requirements?

  • We make sure our customers understand everything clearly and are fully informed:
  • We don’t use hidden terms, jargon or complex technical terms.
  • Our Key Facts document gives you a simple summary of all the important points in our agreement.
  • Our pricing, charges and fees are clear, fair and transparent. 
  • We’ve broken down our Privacy Policy into bite-size pieces so that customers can easily see how we’ll use their personal data. 
  • We don’t use sales incentives which might encourage miss-selling and we won’t use pushy sales techniques.
  • We take account of your changing circumstances – whether that requires a change to your mileage, or more flexible handling to take account of a vulnerability.
  • We handle all complaints in accordance with the FCA’s complaints handling rules. To find out how to make a complaint - click here.
  • We and our partners deliver a consistently good level of service and our products consistently perform.
  • We take data protection and information security very seriously and have appropriate organisational and technical measures to ensure that our customers’ data is in safe hands.
  • We actively monitor the market to ensure that our products and services are competitive and provide customers with good value for money.

How do we consistently deliver TCF?

  • We measure and improve on customer satisfaction through customer surveys which are issued at service delivery touch-points.
  • Our monthly Voice of the Customer Committee reviews customer feedback without the limitation of financial or operational targets, and creates a clear action plan to improve any service failings.
  • Our internal quality assurance programme ensures that we are satisfying our regulatory requirements – including TCF.
  • All staff undertake a comprehensive training and awareness programme, including induction and refresher sessions. 
  • Our staff are also assigned competency frameworks which incorporate a number of targets. These are regularly reviewed with Line Managers as part of our appraisal process.
  • We operate an independently managed whistleblowing hotline so that staff can confidentially report any concerns