Keep your car good as new

Is our maintenance package for you?

When you lease one of our cars, you automatically get AA breakdown cover here and abroad. But if you treat yourself to our maintenance package, we could make looking after your car even easier.

Here are three reasons our customers tell us they love it.

1. We’re at your service (when it’s time for your service)

Give yourself and your car the VIP treatment. Ring us when you see your service light and say ‘goodbye’ to hunting for garages, finding the spare cash and haggling for deals. We’ll take care of everything.

2. Tyre TLC, made easy

If normal wear and tear or a puncture means you need to fix or replace one, or even all your tyres, we won’t quibble. Call us and we’ll get it sorted.

3. No surprises…whatever arises*

Even new cars need the odd tyre change and yearly service. Upgrading to our maintenance package is one way to spread the cost each month.

And if something goes wrong with your car while it’s under warranty, our Maintenance team will get on the case. We’ll deal with the manufacturer directly to help get your claim approved.

*Obviously we don’t mean absolutely anything at all, you can find out exactly what is and isn’t included in the table below. Whatever happens we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction.

Think you’d love our maintenance package too?

Once you’ve picked your car and your optional extras, you can choose to include maintenance before placing your order.

Not sure what to do? Compare the two.

The service Without With
Breakdown cover inc at home
Road fund licence
Breakdown cover abroad
Servicing, including booking with an authorised dealer
No quibble tyre repair
Replacement tyres
Help with manufacturer warranty claims if you need it
Repairing vandalism damage
Recovering keys if you lock them in the car
Repairing alloy damage

If you’d like to ask us more about the package, give the team a ring or email us.

Whether you’re on our maintenance package or not, you’ll get:

— Breakdown cover in the UK with the AA

That includes cover if your car won’t start at home (as long as you haven’t done something silly, like left the lights on overnight).

— Breakdown cover abroad

The cover’s included, but even if you’re on our maintenance package or your car’s under warranty, you’ll probably have to pay while you’re away. Keep your receipts and we’ll refund you when you get back.

Don’t forget to let us know if you’re going away. There are a few documents you’ll need to make sure you don’t get impounded. We can sort them out for you. It costs £10.

— We pay your road fund licence

So that’s one less bill to have to remember to sort.

And there are a few things we can’t cover

We’ll be there for you as much as we can. But we can’t help if:

  • you lock your keys in the car (but we can suggest keeping a spare set somewhere safe!)
  • you forget to switch off your lights and flatten the battery (you can call the AA for help but there will be a charge)
  • you damage your alloys
  • you have an accident (even if it wasn’t your fault)
  • your car’s vandalised*.

*If your car is vandalised (and we hope that never happens) call the police non-emergency number (101) and talk to your insurer. As you have comprehensive insurance, they might help with repair costs.