Key information

We have put together this key information summarising the main features of the hire agreement together with some additional helpful information. 

Please note that it is still important that you read the hire agreement as it is a legally binding document and you should be aware of everything in it before you sign it. 

Please contact us if you have any questions as we are always happy to help.  You may also find our frequently asked questions helpful.

What is PCH?

PCH (Personal Contract Hire) is where you only pay the agreed rental amount, without ever owning the car.  This is the type of finance that we offer because it is usually cheaper and gives you less hassle.

The finance we offer is not personal contract purchase (PCP) where you have the option to purchase the car if you make a balloon payment at the end of the contract. 


  • The car always remains our property.
  • There is no option for you to buy the car.
  • We will provide the road fund licence (road tax) for the car.
  • We do not provide a replacement car if yours is unavailable for use (eg due to an accident, servicing or theft). 
  • There is no smoking allowed in the car.  


  • You must tell you insurer that you do not own the car and that it is leased
  • You need to have fully comprehensive insurance for the car and you will need to provide us with a copy before delivery.
  • You must make sure that all drivers have full driving licences (not provisional) and are insured to drive the car. 


You can either choose for us to maintain the car (by paying a monthly service payment) or choose to maintain the car yourself. 

If you choose the with maintenance option, we will cover:

  • servicing
  • replacement tyres due to fair wear and tear (but excluding stolen or vandalised tyres),
  • breakdown cover to include home-start, roadside assistance and recovery
  • exhaust and battery due to fair wear and tear; and
  • MOTs. 

No matter which option you choose, you must keep the car in good condition.  If you don’t, when the car comes back to us, we may charge you for any damage to the car which is not considered to be fair wear and tear.  We use the fair wear and tear guide produced by the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association to decide what is chargeable.  Please see here for further details 

If you choose the non-maintained option, you will be given limited emergency breakdown cover.

Excess mileage

You will have to pay per mile if you go over the mileage amount in your agreement.  For example, if your allowance is 30,000 miles over a 3 year period and you went over it by 100 miles then you would have to pay a price per mile for each of those 100 miles. 

If you decide to hand back the car earlier than the agreed hire period, your agreed mileage allowance will be prorated.  Using the example above, at the end of year 2 you are allowed to have done 20,000 miles.  If the car comes back having done 21,000 after 2 years, you will have to pay a price per mile for each of those 1000 miles.


  • You must pay all fines, penalty charge notices, parking charge notices, tolls and other charges in connection with using the car. 
  • It is your duty to know who is driving the car at all times. It is an offence to provide false information about who was driving the car at the time of a traffic offence. 
  • Where we can, all penalty charge notices, parking charge notices, tolls and notices of intended prosecutions we receive will be transferred to you (this is called a transfer of liability). We usually charge an admin fee of £15 per charge. 
  • If we can’t transfer liability, we will make a payment and recharge this to you, plus an admin fee of £25 for each notice or charge. 

If the relevant authority has been unable to get payment from you, they may transfer liability back to us as the registered keeper of the car.  In this case, we will make the payment and recharge this to you plus an admin charge of £25 for each notice or charge.  By the time it gets to this stage, the cost of the notice or charge is likely to have increased from the original amount. 

Cherished/personalised number plates

If you would like to add a cherished or personalised number plate onto the car, please let us know as soon as possible in the order process. There is an admin fee of £40 to do this. There may be DVLA fees for you to pay in addition but we will let you know if this is the case.  If we are unable to add the cherished or personalised number plate to the car before delivery, you will need to pay the costs of making up new number plates once we confirm that these can be changed. 

When the car is returned to us, it is up to you to ensure that you to take off the cherished or personalised number plate and tell the DVLA.  If you don’t, we would have to sell the car with your number plate on it.

Going abroad

You must tell us if you want to take the car abroad so that we can provide you with our written permission before you travel. Without this, there is a risk that the car could be impounded and you could be fined by the authorities as you would not be able to provide them with a copy of the V5 document or equivalent if they ask to see it.  There will be an admin fee of £10 for providing you with the required travel documents. 

It’s really important that you’re aware of the processes, procedures and any laws or regulations you need to follow when taking a car out of the UK. It’s your responsibility to check the legal requirements of each country you will be visiting or driving through, and to make sure you comply.  

Finance check

As part of the application process, you will need to agree to let us carry out a finance check which will be made up of credit, affordability, ID and fraud checks.  Without agreeing to this, you will not be able to apply for a car with us. 

If you do not pass the finance check, unfortunately we will not be able to let you have a car. 


  • We will deliver the car to your home address.
  • You will need to check the car carefully when it is delivered to you and let us know if there is any damage or something isn’t quite right. You need to do this within 48 hours of delivery.
  • Only you (no-one else) can sign for delivery of the car.
  • On delivery, you will need to show photo ID, e.g. driving licence or passport.
  • Delivery will normally take place Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm and you will be offered either an am or pm delivery window.

Termination rights and costs

  • If you decide to end the lease early, you may need to pay us 40% of the remaining monthly finance rentals. 
  • If we decide to end the lease early because you have broken the terms of the agreement, you may need to pay us all of the remaining monthly finance rentals and monthly service payments (if you have taken maintenance). 
  • If we have to chase you for payments, we may charge you extra costs for this. 

Other costs

In addition to the costs and fees set out on this page, there may be additional costs and fees:

  • When you place an order, you will need to pay us a processing fee of £99 (updated 25th September 2020) which is non-refundable.  This will only be payable once you have passed the finance check and will be taken securely over the phone. 
  • If you want to amend your order after you have placed it, we may have to charge you an order amendment fee of £50.
  • If you wish to cancel your order after the car has been ordered and the dealer charges us a cancellation fee, this will need to be paid by you.  Depending on when the cancellation takes place, the cancellation fee may be quite substantial, possibly 10% of the cost of the car or the total cost of any additional factory options which have been selected, whichever is the greater amount.  Generally the closer the car is to delivery, the higher the cancellation fee is likely to be.

You may have to pay excess mileage charges and end of contract damage costs if you return the car with any damage we decide is not reasonable.

Changing length of hire or agreed mileage

If you want to change the length of your hire or the agreed mileage, please contact us to see how we can help. 

Change of address

It is important that you keep us updated with your current contact details, including home address, email and phone numbers so that we can contact you about your agreement with us at all times.